CETS Waste 2 Energy

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  • To provide leading Waste-to-Energy solutions to support a sustainable future
Our Technology

Our Waste to Combined heat and power (W/CHP) ecosystem is an efficient and clean approach that directly addresses a number of national priorities, including improving U.S competitiveness by:
reducing energy operating costs;

-increasing energy efficiency.
-reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
-enhancing our energy infrastructure.
-improving energy security and resiliency.
-"growing" the U.S. economy.

CETS Eco-Village

CETS WASTE TO ENERGY, Inc (Strategic Partner) will be SPECIFYING and LEASING the following: Underground Automated Pneumatic Waste Collection, Stormwater, Thermal Heat, Renewable Energy and Distilled Water - Utility Ecosystem Infrastructure package for each Ec-Village Projects.


Cutting Edge Techno Solutions (CETS) provides the tools to transform communities that conserve the earth’s natural resources one self-sustainable Eco-Village at a time.