Integrated Waste Transformation Into Combined Heat & Power Generation Facilities

Our waste to energy stations are adaptable to the varying types of waste materials such as residential, commercial, biological, chemical, and industrial slated for disintegration. These hydrogen from water waste to energy generating stations can be designed and built as a fixed site construction or as a mobile operating container unit configuration. The design concept is based on a thermal power destructive reactor developing a fuel gas from the organic soiled waste materials that are loaded into two 20-foot reactor containers as a whole, shredding is not required. The waste that is placed into the reactor containers fill to its capacity, will cause 3.5 MW (megawatts) of gas heat per hour to obtain 1 MW of electrical clean energy. The temperature in the core of the gasification chamber reaches 1500c. When the reactor emissions are vented all gas produced are suitable for use in prevailing piston engines. Toxicity from the additive of five percent diesel into the generator motor’s exhaust gases are below appropriate standards for diesel motors exhaust emissions standers. The ninety five percent remaining solid fuels consumption is less than 1.5kg at 1kW of electricity. The fuel required to power and heats the reactor to 1500° C. is produced on site. This production capacity is more than sufficient in equinity, ecologically sound, and is very cost effective.

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