Lease Program

Offering Integrated Waste Transformation Into Combined Heat & Power Generation Facilities

CETS Waste to Energy, Inc objective is to provide clients a complete package whereby we will design, build, own, operate and manage the waste disposal, thermal heat and renewable energy installation. The customer has a small upfront cost to cut its (electronic, organic, medical, industrial, etc.) waste disposal and energy billing by 50%. We are willing and able to work with Municipalities, Commercial Businesses, Industrial Complexes, Multi-Family Residential Properties, Agricultural Communities, and Regional Hospitals across America. These potential clients are currently spending a minimum of $200,000 per month in waste disposal and energy billing, and would be a perfect fit for our pilot programs.

Benefits To Client:
  • Reduced utility bills create positive cash flow from day 1 to year 25.

  • Protection from escalating energy rates–most experts predict that the cost of electricity will continue to increase faster than inflation due to pressure from global demand growth and environmental regulations. Locking in a low rate today will protect you tomorrow, and if prices rise as projected, your savings will increase.

  • No production or performance risks–the risk of a system performing less than projected falls on us.

  • Carbon footprint reduction–on average around 90%.

  • Customers save on waste disposal operation or maintenance expenses, and the purchase of renewable energy produced. All operation and maintenance cost is on cets waste to energy, not the customer.

  • Marketing opportunities–switching from brown power to clean renewable energy is one the best marketing and pr tools available to businesses and municipalities.

  • Freeing up of capital for Critical Investments–Saving money on operating costs allows you to preserve your capital to invest in core business opportunities.

Lease Agreement Terms:
  • 25 -Year contract length

  • Cash flow positive in year one up to 30%

  • Multiple buy out options or the system can be removed at the end of the contract

  • Option to extend after the contract term has completed.

“Tapping into the Waste to Clean Power Industry Worth Trillions by 2020”

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