To provide municipalities with leading Waste-to-Energy solutions to support a sustainable future  

CETS Inc., a systems integrator and industrial engineering company based in the US. The company is a leader in the architectural design, development, engineering and deployment of renewable energy and waste solutions for municipalities. We provide our clients with technology infrastructure and construction services in: Renewable Energy, Waste-to-Energy, Energy Recovery and Smart Grid Networks.

CETS provides advanced technology solutions and systems in collaboration with leading companies from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden and Singapore who like CETS, are committed to supporting the circular economy.

CETS is comprised of a highly qualified team in the fields of construction, renewable energy, engineering and waste management, especially designed to provide solutions for municipalities.

The focus of CETS is on the development of state of the art Waste-To-Energy facilities. The application of new zero carbon and renewable operations enhances energy and waste efficiency, and gives municipalities cost-effective and sustainable advantages essential for the future.

CETS is an integrator of cutting edge clean technology related to waste mitigation, organic food production, water purification, recycling, renewable energy, information technology, advanced construction material, green transportation, motors, synthetic biology, lighting, refineries, and more.

The main objective of W2E is to offer new innovations in the areas of Waste Disposal, Renewable Thermal Heat/Energy, Water Purification and Aquatic Food Production. The strength of our organization is its problem-solving ability to deliver cost effective and efficient solutions to offset property owners’ environmental impact by “greening” the power consumption and cutting cost.